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Hearing Place Service Excellent, Article by Michael H. Skurecki, The Press Enterprise
Article from The Press Enterprise

“And you didn’t just restore my ability to hear – you filled up and revitalized those empty places inside of me that I was going to just “let go”. “

“I have always had some hearing deficit, but in the past 6 years the rate at which my hearing loss increased made me lose interest in many things involving people and conversing. My own conversation consisted of “What?” or “Excuse me” and “I’m sorry, but I really can’t hear you.”. Eventually, I realized there wasn’t a whole lot of actual conversation that I really spoke. And if I could follow a conversation, I was always at least 11 words behind by the time I got the clarity of what was being said, and was able to process it.

The way I see it, when people talk to me, I love to get the “whole” of their expression and what they are trying to tell me. I am a read between the lines person and I respond accordingly. If I can’t follow all the words that someone is speaking, it is difficult to really understand the importance of things they are experiencing as well as trying to communicate. I have always loved to take classes and share in small group discussions. It hit me hard one day that my ability to contribute to these discussions had escaped me long ago.

This past summer I started to withdraw from groups and family gatherings. I withdrew from many church classes because I could not hear the teachers. Worse, I could not get what many others were saying about the material and content and their variety of views. It was just so frustrating! I just dropped out of all things. After I did that for so long, I felt like a big chunk of my inner self was withering more and more. I knew my mind was becoming dull without the challenge of real interaction. I was not just cheating myself of not hearing others, I was short changing everyone else with my lack of response.

I got my hearing aids in July 2014. Now it is a two-sided emotion I feel. Part of me has so much remorse for putting it off for so long. Joyfully, the other part of me is full of happiness to feel I am complete again! I should have checked with The Hearing Place much sooner and at least talked to Lauren about the options of being able to afford hearing aids instead of just assuming I could never afford them. The think I loved about The Hearing Place is the small office with such welcome friendliness to explain and answer any questions, even if you are not at all sure what you want to do. Lauren walked me though it – step by step, with no pressure or obligation to purchase. My exam was so much more detailed and in depth than I imagined. Her technology to pinpoint any hearing issues is fantastic! And she didn’t stop until she was certain that she had covered every questionably factor about my hearing loss and got it the best it could be. It was the most uplifting and exciting experience of my life. I felt like my inner self was full again and I wasn’t missing anything with others talking and even things around me that I had forgotten the sound of.

I asked Lauren why she was so patient and took so much time and trouble with me. I had many return visits because of unexpected physical set backs, and she helped me discover more ways that were affecting my poor hearing. Her response was, “I love my work. I love helping people and spending the time each one needs to give back to people what they once had. And I feel it is my responsibility to get their hearing as near perfect as they remember hearing before.”

It shows Lauren! And you didn’t just restore my ability to hear – you filled up and revitalized those empty places inside of me that I was going to just “let go”. That was my thankfulness that I expressed at Thanksgiving dinner – how awesome it is to hear again. It was especially precious to hear every word of the tiny, soft voices of my grand kids when they told us what they were thankful for. Not to mention those special times of laughter, as only a child provides for other’s hearts! I am thinking Christmas can only be better!”

Shay Tripp, Stillwater, PA

“I love the fact that my hearing aids connect with Mapquest”

“I love the fact that my hearing aids connect with “Mapquest” on my iPhone because when traveling I can keep my eyes on the road, and just “hear” what the driving directions are. Especially in large cities (like Chicago) I hear through my hearing aids “in 1 mile take the left ramp”

SDB, Bloomsburg, PA

“They are very comfortable and it is such a blessing to be able to hear so clearly again.”

“I have worn hearing aids since the mid 80’s but want to tell you I have never had the friendly, personal yet professional treatment I have had at “The Hearing Place”. I have dealt with quite a few including a couple of top names in hearing aids. I will send anybody who will listen to “The Hearing Place” and if they aren’t listening, that is all the more reason they need to come! I feel very comfortable going away next week with the new hearing aids. They are very comfortable and it is such a blessing to be able to hear so clearly again. You are the greatest!.”

Bertha Hayman, Stillwater, PA

“I am very well pleased with the outstanding quality of service provided to me.”

“I was tired of not hearing conversations clearly and embarrassed to continue to ask to have them repeated. I decided it was time to try hearing aids. I went to The Hearing Place, my parents had gone there several years before and I knew Lauren and Terri from accompanying them to their appointments. I saw their warm courteous welcome right thru the professional, compassionate service they provided them.

Now that I have reached this point of hearing loss I am very well pleased with the outstanding quality of service provided to me. All the questions I had were answered and I am able to wear my hearing aids without any problems and hear conversations clearly and at a distance. I am very well pleased with the results and will recommend The Hearing Place to everyone in need of a better quality of hearing.”

J.N., Orangeville, PA

“He is so proud that he made the decision to wear hearing aids.”

“I think you should put an additional office sign at your front door – for marriage counseling!
My husband and I have been married for 45 years. I didn’t think our marriage would last to 50 years. We had an ongoing discussion about his hearing. He said it wasn’t his hearing that was at fault. It was my fault because I spoke too softly for him to hear me.

He refused to see an audiologist. He believed hearing aids were for the elderly and he wasn’t going to use hearing aids. I just needed to speak louder. I lessened my conversations with him, because it was such a hassle to talk. We were both at our wits end, and angry with each other.

A friend of his has hearing aids and recommended you. He trusted his buddy. FINALLY, he made an appointment with you to test his hearing. But for sure, he was NOT buying hearing aids. He was going for the test to prove to me his hearing was good. We agreed that if he had an exam, I would never pester him again.

Now, I know our marriage will last!! He was so impressed with your professionalism and your caring spirit. He thought the appointment would be a demeaning experience. You answered all his questions and relieved his doubts. You spoke to him with respect and care. You made him feel so comfortable, he felt he could tell you what was going on.

Wow, he’s a new man! He is wearing the hearing aids from you and is now bragging about his hearing capability.

He came home from golf the other day, very excited to tell me he heard something he hadn’t heard in years… birds chirping. He is so proud that he made the decision to wear hearing aids. He said people have no idea what they’re missing. The simple sounds of nature he had forgotten.

He’s telling everyone if they have any hearing problems go see Lauren Gromel at The Hearing Place!!

Thanks again for saving our marriage.””

Joy L., Berwick, Pa